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steve jocz fucking rocks' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
steve jocz fucking rocks

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stills [24 Nov 2005|09:32am]

do any of you have a still of the "still waiting" video when steve is drumming and hes making a funny face?
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[19 Jan 2005|03:44am]


Community pimpin' so I'm cuttagging.Read pleaseCollapse )

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[09 Jan 2005|07:46pm]

Hey stevo fans!

I just made a new sum community, sumfourtyone you guys should come join and post about your stevo obsessions! Pics and icons are welcome too :) see you there!

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[26 Nov 2004|01:07pm]

The other night, me and Alix got to talk with Steve. All the girls from the Good Charlotte/ Sum 41/ Lola Ray show wanted to jump the Madden Twins' bones, so as a result, no one was really paying attention to the other bands.
It was fun. I wasn't some screaming maniacal thirteen year old... even though I've liked Sum 41 for five years. I've met them twice.
Brings me to my point, I have some signed merch. If that's your thing, you should comment about buying it. For really cheap.
I don't really "do" ebay.
I would say trade, but I doubt you guys have anything I want.


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[21 Nov 2004|12:17pm]

please check this out its a rare motivation single!

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STEVE JOCZ! [27 Aug 2004|11:39pm]

[ mood | content ]

YAY! There is actually a community for Stevo. I <3 Stevo and he is definetely my favorite out of Sum 41. I think he's incredibly talented, extremely funny and of course, who could deny it... HOT! I've liked "The Sums" for a couple of years, and I have to admit, I thought Deryck was better until I realized how GREAT Stevo was. Yes, I do sound a bit... retarded but thats okay. I'm definetely getting Chuck when it comes out... WHEE!

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Mhm, mhm, mmmhmmm ::drools:: [21 Aug 2004|11:23pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Mi name is Shannon. I'm 17. I'm in love with Stevo32. If I could fuck him, I would. If I could meet him, I would. If I could marry him, I would. I'd do anything for the man. I'm in love with this guy at my school who totally acts and looks like Stevo but...a preppy version. Dont ask me how it happens but it does. If anyone could find a site dedicated to Stevo32, you'd be my ultimate best friend. No doubt.
Later Daze

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Newbie [04 May 2004|04:18pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hello there,

what up, guys? Hah, I'm here cuz yeah. Steve is a God. Not just because he's goddamn good looking, but also because he has an amazing personality and FUCK! How can he play like that! I can only say this. The man is a God.

So yeah, feel free to add me. And I'll be coming soon with photos!!!!


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[07 Apr 2004|10:26am]

[ mood | hungry ]

 hey!!! im new here!!! i luv steve jocz!!!  all of u guys r cool 2 for lovin him!!and y does everybody always say the cone is the hot one!!! i mean steve CLEARLY is the hottest AND coolest one. and hes funny! if only there were more guys like him....

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.. [28 Mar 2004|12:34pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello... I'm new to this community but, I'm definatly not new to Sum 41, haha. I've liked them since their first record came out. And Steve fuckin rules! He's one of the most funny people I've met so far. So HAIL TO STEVE! haha! Well I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball!

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Belucio [08 Mar 2004|01:07pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

lets get down to buisness...lol god i love that..well i fucking love Stevo! hes been my favorite person since.....a long time...ya he fucking rocks! lets disscuss this over some fudge cookies...

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Hey [08 Jul 2003|04:39pm]

Ok I don't know if I'm able to do this but I'm going too lol

I made this new community and I would like for it to grow and more ppl to join so plz can you join this community _thinspiration this community is here for girls and guys to find support from others who are on diets, would like to drop a few pounds or gain a few and be more fit NOT for people who are suffering from an eating disorder of some kind.

So if this is you plz join :)
Have a nice day everyone
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[24 May 2003|07:03am]

hi do u know where i can get the hadle this vidoe
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Answer to contest [12 Mar 2003|04:04pm]

Argh, I did this and realized you have to live in the states to enter the contest (BOO).
Here's the answer for anyone who wants to enter:


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jocz [07 Mar 2003|11:28pm]

i just have one question...how do you pronounce his last name?? thanks
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Radio interview [07 Mar 2003|11:07pm]

It was awesome, he did a radio interview the other day :). It was wicked to hear his voice. I've been obsessing hardcore lately and it was ironic that I caught that interview cuz I just happened to be in the car for the ad for it. It was a nice surprise..yep that's about all :P.
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Oh may [06 Mar 2003|05:48pm]

[ mood | horny ]

ok GIRLS or guys dont cream your panties too much here are 4 HOT HOT HOT FABULOUS pics of STEVO 3200 yummy lol

title or description

title or description

title or description

title or description

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[30 Dec 2002|05:58pm]


gee golly, texas tighty whitey cowboy!

.. yeah, i couldn't resist posting that.
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[10 Nov 2002|11:08am]


Sum 41 kicked out of N.Y.C. Bar with Avril LavigneCollapse )
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[09 Nov 2002|05:40pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Im new. I love Stevo. hes a great drummer and hes so hot
I love hearing him talk. with his little lisp *swoon swoon*

I cant wait until the new album comes out on the 26th! woot

so everyone add me and Ill add you back =D

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